Hernán Samá

Hernán Samá is a saxophonist and composer from Buenos Aires. He studied jazz at the Conservatorio Superior "Manuel de Falla", specialising in saxophone, and at the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, graduating in composition with acoustic and electroacoustic media in Buenos Aires. He has participated in various projects in the jazz and free improvisation scene in his home country. Since 2018 he lives in Europe. He lived in Amsterdam, where he developed his artistic work as a saxophonist and event organizer between the world of painting, contemporary dance and improvised music. He is currently working on a project with the German painter Edda Grossman at the Kunstmühle Veckenstedt, Germany. The idea of this project is to unite astrology, painting and music and to create an artistic discourse based on the parameters set by the astrological signs, planets and aspects. The invitation to the concerts offers the public the immediate opportunity to express themselves through drawing or painting and to connect with music, space and their own imagination.